Response to Marine Oil Spills

Response to Marine Oil Spills

: Witherby Seamanship International Ltd

: 9780948691515

: Book


This book provides a comprehensive review of the problems posed by marine oil spills and the response measures that can be implemented. Emphasis throughout the book is on practical guidance, based on the experience gained by the authors through their involvement with marine oil spills around the world. The individual sections of this book supplement information contained in a series of five oil spill training videos entitled "Response to Marine Oil Spills". The five videos, which run for a total of about 100 minutes, plus the supporting books, are marketed by Videotel Marine International as a training package.

  • Isbn-10 Digit: 0948691514
  • Isbn-13 Digit: 9780948691515
  • Author-1: The International Tankers Owners Pollution Federation Ltd.
  • Binding: Paperback

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