Fully Refrigerated LPG Carriers

Fully Refrigerated LPG Carriers

: Witherby Seamanship International Ltd

: 9781856092661

: Book


Covers the development of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Carrier from the first fully refrigerated ships through to the modern ships currently in service. 

This publication is a full account of the design and development of the fully refrigerated LPG carrier.


Over 100 drawings and 150 photographs are included with technical details of all of the fully refrigerated LPG carriers that have been built or converted.


In his conclusion, the author presents a new FRLPG carrier design concept known as the 'Ptarmigan'.

The 8 appendices include: a delivery chronology, dimensions, capacities, shipbuilder's reference lists and the name changes of all of the LPG carriers featured.

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