Container Refrigeration

Container Refrigeration

: Witherby Seamanship International Ltd

: 9781905331253

: Book


This 300 page book is written by an industry expert with extensive knowledge of the operation and handling of refrigerated containers. 

Today, a newbuild Panamax containership of 4,600TEU will typically have capacity for 700 reefer plugs, and with a full load will consume 18 tonnes of HFO per day. However, you cannot just load a container plug it in and play like a computer component. Questions on requirements of the content and the power consumption demanded by this are just some of the items that a refrigeration technician must consider.  

With a growing global refrigerated trade of 50M tonnes p.a, and with few dedicated reefer ships on order, growth is going to be seen in the available refrigerated capacity on container ships. However, increased reefer cargo claims point to a lack of knowledge by both ship and shore personnel.  

This book aims to close up the gaps in that knowledge.

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