Bulk Carrier Notes

Bulk Carrier Notes

: Witherby Seamanship International Ltd

: 9781856093996

: Book


This book continues the 'Notes' series for cadets and junior officers and provides an introduction to bulk carriers, discussing the types, their cargoes and trade. 

This Witherby Publishing book (2010) for Ship's Officers provides a good modern introduction to Bulk Carriers and Bulk Cargoes, including Cargo Loading, Draught Survey, Ballast Water Management, the Voyage and Cargo Discharging. It also discuss the Bulk Trade and is illustrated with Case Studies.

The development history of modern bulk carriers goes back to the early 1950s, when purpose-built ships were designed for the carriage of large quantities of grains, coal and iron ore in unpackaged form. Today, these ships form the backbone of the world economy, making up some 33% of the world’s tonnage and carrying about 70% of the world’s cargo.

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